Tree Braces & Support Systems

This is a picture of a tree braces and support system service.

Damaged trees and saplings in Tallahassee need a little extra attention while they’re repairing themselves and growing to new heights. The one way to be sure that a tree won’t break under its own pressure is to install braces or supports. Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee is a leader in the installation of tree support systems in the Tallahassee, FL area. We’ve been installing braces on trees as long as we’ve been in business, which is a long time! Some tree service companies don’t even offer bracing as an option, instead opting to trim to remove the tree entirely. That philosophy doesn’t sit well with us. We’d much rather give a tree a chance at life, over cutting it down due to convenience or cost.


Affordable Braces

“Affordable braces” isn’t a phrase most parents would ever think they’d hear. We’re not talking about dental correction though, we’re talking about arboreal correction. We know that bracing and supporting trees isn’t a necessity. Homeowners do it because of the aesthetic and sometimes emotional attachment to the trees on their properties. They know that the easiest route to go is to remove the tree, but the tree means more to them than that. That’s why when we at Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee give them the quote for bracing, they are happy to see that it won’t cost them an arm and a leg to help save one of their favorite trees.


Storm Damage Can Hurt

When tropical storms and hurricanes buffet the Tallahassee region, trees and other exposed plants are the groups that take the brunt of the damage. Limbs can split, trees can become uprooted and there’s always the chance that lightning will strike a tree directly. If you have storm damage on your property from this season’s last storm, don’t let the next storm do irreparable damage. Call Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee and let us provide some much needed support for your damaged trees.


New And Young Trees

Trees that are just getting started growing need additional help in certain circumstances. If there are projected high winds, or if the area your tree is in has livestock or other animals, you may need some extra support to prevent your saplings from being damaged. At Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee, we like to say, “Err on the side of caution”. It’s a popular saying, but it applies in this case. If you think there’s even a small chance your tree might get damaged by something, we suggest installing braces or supports, just to be safe!


Schedule An Assessment

In the event that you have a large property with many trees, or if you have a particularly difficult brace job to request, we would gladly come on-site to do an initial assessment. We can send one of our tree surgeons out to take a look at what might need to be done, and make sure you they have everything they need when they come back to do the job. We like to set our arborists and our customers up for success at every opportunity we get. We are also providing the fertilizer for your trees.


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