Tree Care

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The tree service professionals that we hire at Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee are unparalleled in the ways of tree identification and upkeep. We make sure our specialists know the current arboreal diseases and afflictions in the region, as well as how to treat them. When you’re dealing with trees in areas like Florida, where the winters are mild, you are dealing with a different subset of organisms and bacterium. Don’t take a chance on whether or not your trees are healthy. Call in to Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee and get an expert opinion on how your trees are doing. You won’t regret it!


Big, Tall Trees

Everyone knows that there are different sizes of trees, big, small and somewhere in between. Trees in Tallahassee, FL are no exception! We have some monstrously tall trees on a few of our customer’s properties. Tall trees don’t bother us though, because we’re experts through and through. A little extra height on a tree isn’t enough to put us off of a job. We’ll get the job done no matter how tall a tree is, and in some cases, tall trees need more attention. If a branch on a taller tree gets damaged, the fall could prove to be just that much more destructive. Make sure you call in to Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee if you’ve got tall trees on your property, we know just what to do!


Pruning Leads To Good Tree Health

When you take care of your trees and shrubs, they will return that care in the form of better property aesthetic, leading to higher property values. Not to mention, they look great and give your neighbors a mild case of yard envy! Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee is all about pruning to enhance tree health. With proper pruning and trimming, your trees will look clean and well-kept, while helping to maintain proper limb distribution and lowering the chances of an uprooting.


Appointments Available Now

We are taking appointments for our expert tree care over the phone or by using our contact form if it’s after hours. Both of these communication methods can be found on this page and throughout our tree care website. Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee is a leader in tree care in Florida, and we love to have you on board as one of our clients. If you’re in the Tallahassee area and you’re in need of tree care, we’re your guys. Call us and book a tree care appointment today!


Inspections, For More Information

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re often times too busy to properly inspect and survey the trees on your property. You’re not alone, as most of our clients tell us that exact same thing. It is a time-consuming process, which is magnified by the acreage you live on or own. Don’t get bogged down troubleshooting tree problems for dozens of trees, of varying types. All you have to is pick up the phone, dial the number on this page and you’ll be put in touch with a representative from Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee.


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