Tree Trimming

This is a picture of a tree trimming service.

Keeping your trees trimmed is what needs to be done to ensure they stay healthy and upright, as well as safe to be around. Trees help enhance the look of our properties and homes, but not when they’re wild and unruly. Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee are committed to putting that professional touch on your landscaping and giving your trees those much needed shape ups from time to time. Call in today for an estimate and you just might be surprised by our different trimming packages and plans. While you’re on the phone with one of our team members, if you have any tree-related questions at all, feel free to ask!


Trimming For Health

Trimming or pruning a tree is essential to good tree health. Trimming your trees on a schedule can help you remove dead and decaying branches, thin the canopy of a denser tree, prevents co-dominant leaders, crossing branches and more. Dead and decaying branches can foster insects or other decay-oriented organisms, where trimming these off can instantly improve the health of your trees. If you have crossing branches or weak crotches, you might be susceptible to breaking. Getting rid of these problems ahead of time can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee are trained experts in inspection tree health issues, and will work with you to correct them as soon as possible.


Proper Timing Of Pruning

Trimming during certain seasons is better than others. While you can trim a dead or diseased limb at any time, the best time to prune a tree is in the last weeks of winter or early spring. The reason for this is to allow for better energy distribution. If a tree has already started budding or has opening leaves, then energy has already been given to those limbs and it would be wasted. However, if a limb has no activity, chances are you will helping the other limbs grow even better because the energy is consolidated to the limbs you want to keep.


Other Reasons To Trim

One of the most obvious reasons for trimming, aside from tree health, is for safety. Pruning and trimming can create a stronger tree infrastructure, preventing easy breaks and weak crotches. Some of our clients also trim to keep the original shape of a tree. Maybe they like it a specific shape, or maybe they prefer it thinner so light isn’t blocked to surrounding windows. Whatever the reason, Premier Tree Surgeons Tallahassee can accommodate!


Pruning And Trimming Gear

As with any precision job, the right tools are needed to get the job done properly. Some of the example of our trimming arsenal are hand pruners, loppers and pruning saws. The hand pruners are almost self-explanatory in that they are pruning shears that are held in the hand. The two types of hand pruners are called anvil or bypass pruners. A lopper is essentially a hand pruner with a longer blade and with a much great reach. Pruning saw are folding saws that have three edges. These saws are quick and portable for our technicians to get the job done more quickly.


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